Danube Footwear is the first Romanian skate shoe brand, established in 2016 by Lidia Cremenescu and Mario Georgescu.

For skateboarding with love. This is how it all started out.

Local Romanian skateboarder for more than 8 years, Mario went to study product design in the UK in 2013. From this new perspective, the thought of a more durable skate shoe came as a natural idea. Mario took a skater’s need for longer lasting footwear as a starting point for his final uni project. This got him to design and create from scratch the first Danube prototype. 

Lidia saw an opportunity and together with Mario returned to their home country, where they established the first Romanian skate shoe brand.

Why Danube?

An iconic landmark, Danube river crosses Europe from West to East, connecting countries and cultures. This shaped Danube Footwear’s vision of bringing together local communities through skateboarding. The mission which will always guide the label’s actions is to produce high-quality footwear for skateboarders and like-minded communities.