Danube Footwear. From sole to laces

It’s time to shed your former style! The Meadow collection features a fresh new model that comes in two new colorways, honey gum soles and better air ventilation. Designed for skateboarding, suitable for off-board action too.

Increased durability

Skate shoes are exposed to an enormous amount of load and stress. We’ve added a concealed polyurethane coated leather toecap to withstand abrasion. Lace protectors and loops help stop the laces from getting damaged. For more endurance, we’ve chosen a stitched and glued cupsole construction.

Comfortable fit

Designed to keep your feet snug and locked into position, but light and flexible. The upper is made of premium Italian suede with a pigskin leather lining to allow breathability.

The three-layered Forest insole ensures comfort and a perfect posture. The upper microfibre surface prevents foot sliding. The mid layer is made of memory foam that takes the shape of the wearer’s footprint. The lower anti-shock polyurethane layer absorbs high impact.

Protection & Support

The high-density foam padded heel and the padded tongue provide maximum impact resistance. This keeps the feet protected and comfortable.

The natural rubber sole provides more support and stability in the heel while offering natural board feel in the forefoot.


All materials are handpicked.

We strive to offer best value-for-money.