Women's Collective Sweatshirt
Women's Collective Sweatshirt

Women's Collective Sweatshirt

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You are what you surround yourself with.

The Anon X Danube Collab came to life because of the similarities in our backgrounds. We both have deep roots in the underground community in Romania, thus it was like life took its natural course.

Together we are a collective. We share the same interests, skate the same spots, cherish the same values for quality and because of this we are really proud and hyped for making this happen!

The Danube “D” in symbiosis with the Anon splash, creates a unique piece of garment that is different with every stroke on the screen-printing sieve. Thus, not one sweatshirt is the same!

The motif behind it has deep roots in our philosophy, symbolising the gathering of similar free minded communities in order to create astonishing results.

It’s made from 85% organic cotton and in order to ensure that the 15% polyester is soft against your skin, it is sandwiched between two layers of cotton.

  • Medium fit

Sizes run slighly smaller than usual, so we recommend a size up for a more relaxed fit.